Apan Mudra is one of the very easy and yet powerful mudras which made you stronger in mind and body, and Apana mudra got so many benefits. This Mudra is another excellent mudra related to our digestive system, and it helps to detoxify our body. Due to the performance of this mudra, it’s also called purification mudra too. The mudra also helps to balance the space and earth elements in your body. This mudra enhances the effect of the earth element in your body and does so many health benefits.

How to Perform Apana Mudra:

apana mudra

Apan Mudra, not a complicated mudra to perform. The meaning of Apana is a subtype of vatha where located at the lower level of the body. Performing such mudra help to free the flow of the Vayu element, which is located at the lower part of your body. There are five types of Vayu, and Apana Vayu is the second of this life force. following are the step by step guide to do this mudra

  • Sit or stand in a calm environment
  • Bring your both hands in front of you.
  • Place the tip of the middle finger and ring finger with the thumb.
  • Your Index finger and middle finger is in a straight position.
  • While performing the mudra, visualize the energy flow in your body.

Timing and Tips for Apana Mudra

If you plan to do this mudra, you can use the following timing tips to have better results with this mudra.

  • It is recommended to practice this mudra for two months to have better results.
    • Better to make this hand gesture in the early morning; anyhow, you can do it at any time of the day.
  • It is better to move your attention into your navel area and hold this mudra for a minimum of 5 minutes to a maximum of 45 minutes.

Benefits of Apana Mudra:

By connecting the ring finger , middle finger and thumb together you create downward moving and outward moving energy in your body . And this energy which crated in your body will help you to have the benefits which I mention in here.

  1. This mudra provides relief for indigestions and helps to digest the foods which you consume.
  2. Also great for use for those who are suffering from gastritis problems.
  3. Helpful to have relief from constipation and piles (hemorrhoids).
  4. Apana mudra detoxifies your body with better digestion.
  5. If you suffer from a sinus infection, this mudra can reduce the effect of it.
  6. Provide strength for your pelvic organs.
  7. Better to do those who suffer back pain.
  8. Provide essential stability for your immune system.
  9. Good for heart-related ailments.
  10. Provide relieves for chest pain.
  11. A combination of Apan and Jana mudra is suitable for those who had a migraine.
  12. Soothe your skin and make it glow.
  13. Can treat effectively for the obstruction of urine (Anuria)
  14. It Soothes toothaches.

Safety Precautions to Consider:

There are some safety precautions you need to consider before you do this mudra, and here are some of them.

  • This mudra is not advised to do for those suffering from diarrhea, colitis, and dysentery.
  • It is not recommended to do Apana Mudra after the meal, and better to perform at least two hours after a meal.
  • The mudra provides a high downward putting force, so it’s not recommended to practice for a pregnant woman. Sometimes performing this mudra in the pregnancy stage can lead to miscarriage due to this strong downward pulling force.


I hope that now you got an idea about what is this Apana mudra is, how to perfom it ,time and tips to do it and some benefits you will get by perfoming this mudra.

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