Ganesha Mudra is another vital mudra where use both hands. This mudra activates the fire element, and it encourages the performance of the heart and blood circulation. The Ganesha is one of the most famous Indian deities which provide solutions for your problems. In Ganesha Mudra, Join hand gestures perform, and this is one of the common hand gestures in yoga practice.

How to Perform Ganesha Mudra

Here you can find out some step by step guide for how to Patrice this mudra. This is quite a simple mudra where you can any time, and it doesn’t matter whether you are sitting, standing, or walking.

  • Place your left hand in front of your chest where your palm facing outward
  • Bent the fingers and grasped the left-hand finger switch right hand
  • Both hands need to face outward
  • Now moves the hand to the level of your heart where right in front of your chest are.
  • Now pull the hand without releasing the grip and exhale.
  • This mudra will create tension in the muscle of your upper hand area and chest area.
  • Release the tension of your hand while inhaling.

Timing and Tips

At beginner stage repeat tension and untension of your hand for 6 time and focus on your body.

Likewise you can change the hand position  where now your right palm is facing outward and do the same procedure for another 6 times

You can also perform a mediation of and visualize red color light or mall located in your heart to have additional benefits from this mudra.

You can apply this mudra for anytime and can do it by sitting , standing or walking.

It is better to hold this mudra in your heart area for about 5 to 20 minutes by pressing and releasing for better results.

Benefits of Ganesha Mudra

When considering Ganesha Mudra, you can find lots of physical and mental benefits. Some of the major benefits of performing this mudra are mention below.

  1. Ganesha mudra assists in stimulating the activity of your heart
  2. It helps to strengthen the muscles of your heart.
  3. Leads to pone the bronchial tubes
  4. This mudra is perfect for those who are suffering from heart chakra problems.
  5. Ganesha mudra helps to provide the necessary confidence within you.
  6. It provides the necessary courage to take decisions.
  7. It’s also believed that this mudra is an idea to enhance your self-confidence, courage, and will power.
  8. It profiles compassion and necessary respect for other people, which is vital when we live in modern society.

When you perform Ganesha mudra, the finger will bring all five elements together, and you can press your palm against each other. You can mind the joint to give them strength and determine the mind and body.

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