Gyan mudra is a very basic mudra which you can perform very quickly. The Gyan mudra is also known as the mudra of wisdom. Before doing mudra, take a few breaths to relax your body. To accomplish this mudra, you will bring the tip of the thumb and end of the index finger together and keep others straight. You can also do this for both hands to maximize the benefits.

How to do Gyan Mudra?

When you are first trying out, the fingers may not be straightforward, and that is ok.

Instead of your hand, place in the air so you can put it in your leg and place the other three fingers straight on your thigh. 

Remember, while you perform this mudra, the thumb and index finger need to touch each other.

You can do this mudra for 2 to 3 minutes—this mudra to activate your brainpower.

Benefits of Gyan Mudra

When you do it for a longer time, it may help to deal with insomnia.

At night, if you have any difficulty sleeping and worry about it, you can easily do this mudar to get started and stay back and stay as long as possible.

Remember to maintain very gentle pressure.

When this mudra is Patrice for a more extended period, like three months or six months, it may decrease anxiety and deal with anger.

Like all other mudras, this mudar can do at any time and any length of time.

There is no restriction, be mindful, and your posture in a symmetrical position.

Some Safety Precaution To Consider:

It is important to straighten your back and place your head and chest area high before doing this mudra.

Your hands rest on knees with palm facing upward can work best for this mudra.

Three fingers other than inedx and thumb finger need to stretch gently.

Some Pro Tips

It is much sufficient to Patrice this mudra with both hands.

It’s always better to Patrice this mudra in the morning to have better benefits out of it.

You can also Patrice Gyan mudra thirty minutes after the meal.

However, there is no such specific place or time to this mudra, and you can do it whatever time you want.

Timing tips :

For easiness, you can Patrice 30 minutes long stretch or fifteen minutes two to three times per day.

Gyan mudra helps to overcome the dullness of the mind.

It eliminates the negative thoughts and lack of enthusiasm in your mind.

Mudra of wisdom increase the blood supply into your brain, and it assists in having better blood circulation in your brain where to eliminate many of the brain-related problems.

One of the enormous benefits of this mudra is the ability to relax your mind and body simultaneously.

The tip of the thumb in the center of the pituitary and endocrine glands; when we press them with the index finger, this gland activates.

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