Linga mudra is a powerful technique that enhances the digestion system of your body and is prone to excessive coldness. This mudra is excellent for the people who live in cold areas. The meaning of linga in Sanskrit is the male genital organs. This mudra assists in enhancing the property of the fire element, and it increases the pita. Its believe that Linga mudra thrives on the sexual energy and heat in your body.  This mudra can heal for two to three minutes; however, it takes to gain the benefits. If you feel freezing, you can perform this mudra to raise the body temperature to get warm.

How to Perform Linga Mudra:

Linga mudra is quite a simple and yet very useful mudra to perform. One good advantage of this mudra is it can perform anytime to get the benefit instantly.

This is not a complicated mudra to perform and need to use both hands while performing this mudra.

Following are the step by step guide to do this, mudra.

  • Sit or stand in a calm environment
  • Bring your both hands in front of you.
  • Interlock your both hands.
  • Point the left-hand thumb in a vertically upward position
  • Encircling the left thumb and index finger of your right

Timing and Tips :

  • Another method to do this mudra is to perform 15 minutes of the mudra on daily basis.
  • Since this mudra enhances more heat in your body, it is good to consume lots of water.
  • Ideal for Patrice in winter
  • It is not recommended to do this regular mudra basis consistently like another mudra.
  • When you got the solution for the problem, you see you can discontinue performing this mudra.

Benefits of Linga Mudra:

Like any other mudra this mudra also have so many benefits for you and the followings are some benefits of them.

  • Linga mudra overcome sexual problems in men
  • Ideal for use to overcome coldness in the winter season
  • Better to use for burning extra fat when you suffer from overweight issues
  • Recommend for those who suffer from respiratory ailments
  • It can use to overcome asthma.
  • Linga mudra can use to cure Bronchiritise.
  • It provie relief for pleurisy.
  • They are easing the digestive cycle of your body.
  • If you feel discomfort while stuck in a discomforting cold air conditions room, you can use this mudra to get relief.

Safety Precautions for Linga Mudra:

  • Remember, if you get a fever, do not complete this mudra. In a fever condition, your body temperature already high, so by doing this, mudra leads to different temperatures into your body, which makes it more unbalanced. So please do not perform this mudra when you are in a fever. But try when you feel cold and shivering and see whether it helps.
  • As an addition to fiver, those who suffer from acidity or stomach ulcers should not recommend performing the linga mudra.

I hope that you have got some idea about the linga mudra. Now we will check out another mudra for healing.

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