Padma mudra symbolizes the blossoming lotus flower, and sometimes it’s considered the opening of the fourth chakra (heart chakra) in your energy body.  Lotus mudra is an excellent mudra to heal and balance your heart chakra. It will also assist in finding love with others and yourself. Padma mudra needs to use both hands together. The lotus flower represents Padma mudra, and it symbolizes purity and growth. Mudra is excellent for performing yoga and meditation and in most cases, Padma mudra meditation poses considered the best during the meditation sessions.

How to do Padma Mudra?

The hand gesture of this mudra is connected with one of the powerful deity called Lakshmi ( Goddess of wealth ). So its belive that performing this mudra will create abundance in your life. Compare with other types of mudra, this is considered as one of the easy mudras to perform by using both hands. Following are step by step guide to perform Lotus Mudra on your hands.  

# 1: First sit or perform knee positions in clam place. (better in the pose of meditation).

2: Rise your hand in front of the heart area.

3: Connect the hells of your two palms and spreading the finger upward to create a hollow space in between your palms

4: Now slightly touch your both thumb and little finger together.

5: Close your eyes and start meditation if possible.

THis mudra is the symbol of purity and also provide to love lives in the hearts. The mudra also represents good will , affection and better communication

Timing and Tips:

  • It is much better to perform this mudra for at least 5 minutes per day. If you like to do it for longer you can do it maximum up to 40 minutes stretches per day.
  • Longer stretches can reduce to twice a day in smaller stretches. Better for once in the morning and evening.

Benefits of Padma Mudra

There are so many different benefits of lotus mudra and following are some of them.

  • Balanced your heart chakra.
  • Enhance the immune system of your body.
  • Promote self-healing powers.
  • It removes egocentric thoughts in your mind.
  • The mudra helps to calm your mind.
  • Enhance your inner beauty.

You can use this lotus Mudra to have all benefits which I mention above.

How Affirmations Can Use as Healing

Affirmation is another powerful healing technique that you can use. The method is much use for manifestation and chakra healing. However to enhance the power of mudra you can also recite some predetermine quotes that enhance the positive vibration in your body.

“I open myself to nature.”
“I open myself to the good that exists in every human being.
“I open myself to the divine so that I will be richly blessed


Most of the heart charka imbalance will lead to misunderstanding, exploitation, and drained and lonely feelings. You can use this mura to avoid the mentioned mental state very easily. Padma mudra is also open yourself to the divine force and manifest whatever you need.

Now I hope you have some basic idea about this Padma mudra (lotus seal), how to perform this mudra, and its benefits. So it’s the time to Patrice it and feel the difference.

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