In this article, you will find out to Root chakra mudra healing method, which is one of another alternative healing for balance energy centers in your body. There are so many differnt alternative healing methods are used to root chakra and other chakras in our body. Mudra healing is one of the ideal ways to balanced the energy body, which costs nothing at all. Wat all you need is to have a relaxed mind and hands.

Before we move into root chakra mudra healing first we want to know what is this root chakra means.

What is Root Chakra?

The root chakra is the first chakra in our energy system, and it’s associated with the earth’s element.

In Sanskrit, this chakra is known as Muladhara chakra and is represented by the color of Red. 

Its believe that root chakra is located at the base of your spin (Between the anal and the genital organs)

Since this is the primary chakra in our body, the imbalance or disharmonized chakra will negatively impact us physically and mentally.

Now we will check out what kind of things witch provide negative results of unbalanced root chakra.

Things Will Happen To You When Your Root Chakra is Imbalanced. 

Unbalance of root chakra affects digestive problems physically.

Most of the chakra cause problems in the organs near the root chakra.

Some physical issues related to your feet, leg, and back are connected to the root chakra’s unbalance.

For men, root chakra unbalance leads physically to prostate problems. 

Like physically, the unbalance of root chakra also affected me emotionally.

Some emotional symptoms, such as fears, anxiety, and nightmare caused by the root chakra’s concern. 

On the emotional level, root chakra imbalance leads your faith into crisis.

Self-doubt is another level of the problem that affects the physical, and in most, they are questioned about their lives. 

How Mudra Can Use to Heal Root Chakra?

Mudra is a simple hand gesture that you can perform at any time, and by using these hand gestures, you can balance the elements in your body through your finger.

It’s a healing method discovered by ancient India.

Mudra is a compelling healing method you can use to balance your body’s chakra energy centers. 

As I explained earlier root chakra is represented by the earth element and in you hand the ring finger is connected to the earth element.

So most of the mudras use to heal root charka gently press the ring finger of your hand. 

Following are some of the mudras Which you follow in the sense of healing the Muladhara chakra. 

The Prana Mudra

This is a kind of a universal life force energy that connects and flows through every living being.

Prana mudra stimulates the root chakra, and its also awaken this chakra in your body.

In both hands place the tip of the thumb , ring finger, and little finger together.

The other fingers remain extended. Patrice this mudra 15 minutes a day will provide great results.

Some  Other Mudras Can Use to Heal Root Chakra

This mudra generally increases the vitality of your body . Its believe that this is one of the excellent mudra to improve the vision. 

  • Prithivi Mudra (Earth Hand Gesture)
  • Jnana Mudra ( Wisdom Hand Gesture)
  • Bhu Mudra (Touching the Earth Hand Gesture)
  • Gyan Mudra
  • Sukham Mudra (Stress-Relief Hand Gesture)
  • Vishnu Mudra (Universal Balance Hand Gesture)
  • Apana Mudra (Lord of Time Hand Gesture)
  • Udana Mudra (Cleansing-energy Hand Gesture)
  • Kali Mudra (Black Goddess Hand Gesture)
  • Sthira Mudra (Steady and Stable Hand Gesture)
  • Muladhara Mudra ( Root Chakra Hand Gesture)

Other Methods Which Combined By Mudra Healing

To add additional power to the session, you can do several root chakra healing techniques together. For example, while you perform root chakra mudra, you can also do visualization, affirmations, or chakra mantra combined with this mudra healing.

Imagine when you perform this mudra, you can chant root chakra healing sound in the background.

Additionally, when you perform one of the above mudras, you can make a chakra mantra called “LAM” or “L-A-A-A-A-AM” in an extended phase.

Another tip is to perform root chakra affirmations or visualization while you do this mudra.

By using these method you can create much faster action in to the healing.

Benefits of Balanced Root Chakra Through Mudra

After you perform this mudra consistently for several weeks, your unbalanced root chakra will get balanced.

When the first chakra is balanced, you may be blessed with many benefits, such as follows. 

  • You will find independence in your life. 
  • Will feel a sense of security and fulfilling basic needs.
  • You will become brave, and the mental state of your mind will become calmer. 
  • Stability will rule your life and will bless with friendly nature. 

The balanced root chakra is essential to have a better chakra system in your body. Simply using one or several mentioned mudra you can use to regain the chakra energy level.


Now you know what this root chakra is, and the things will affect you physically and mentally due to the unbalance of this chakra.

As a Healing method, you can use several root chakra mudra, how to do it, and the benefits of this mudra.

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