The meaning of Shankha is the coach, and this hand mudra is performed the symbolic appearance of the conch shell horn. It’s believed that the sound of the conch is much similar to the sound of Om. The performance of mudra goes the appearance of conch; it also called the conch shell more too. Its believe that the sound of “OM” is compelling, and this sound got the ability to replenish the adverse effects. You can perform Shankh Mudra in your hands while chanting a mantra or worshiping. Its believed that this mudra got the ability to remove the impurities of physical and mentally

How to Perform Shankh Mudra:

It is best to follow the following step to perform the Shankh Mudra in both hands.

  • Start to sit down in Lotus pose (Padma Asana) and keep your back straight.
  • Place the thumb of your left hand at the base of the right hand.
  • Bring the tip of your right thumb and middle and left finger together.
  • Keep other fingers of the left hand while stay parallels to the middle finger.
  • Close your eyes and chant Om or do deep breathing meditation.

Timing and Tips:

  • You can practice Shankh Mudra for thirty or 45 minutes for every day.
  • If it’s much difficult to perform the mudra for one stretch, you can achieve it by divide into 10 to 15 minutes three times per day.
  •  Better to make this hand gesture in the early morning; anyhow, you can do it at any time of the day.
  • Unlike another mudra, you can perform this mudra under the condition of fever, allergic issues, or any digestive problem.

Differnt Types of Shankh Mudra Benefits:

When considering the mudra several mudras can use for so many health benefits. Following are several shankh mudra benefits you can get by performing this mudra consistently.

1.       Shankh mudra reduces the effect of pitta, and it enhances the property of Kapha and Vatta.

2.      Shankh mudra assists in clam your mind.

3.      This mudra can use to treat the kind of adverse asthma conditions.

4.      Sankha Mudra is more effective for your respiratory system.

5.      If you are suffering from burning feelings in your body, you can perform this mudra.

6.      Shankh mudra can use to increase the height of your children.

7.      It activates the performance of thyroid glands.

8.     Better to treat Obesity.

Precautions for Shankh Mudra:

Following are some of the precautions which you need to consider before you perform thanks, Mudra

  • This mudra can effectively use for those who suffer from their voice or throat.
  • The peoples with Vatta and Kapha can perform this mudra for moderation.
  • However, overdo of shanka mudra can create excessive sleep and make you

Now I hope that you have got a basic idea about what is this shanka mudra and how to perform this mudra, some benefits, and precautions to perform before you do it.

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