Udana mudra assists to embrace your ability to vibrate the vocal codes.  It supports to enhance your voice and provide the necessary ability to express yourself with others. This mudra is perfect for those who Patrice artwork such as actors, singers, and artists. In these kinds of professions, it is better to express yourself to others.  Performing Udana mudra provides the necessary assistant to feel lightness in your body. It also helps to fill yourself with extreme joy and fun. Its believe that Udana mudra brings the prana energy into your thyroid glands. If you are a writer or performer doing this mudra consistently will help you to bring more artistic talents into your life.

What is Udana Mudra?

The process of working in this mudra is that your index finger represents the element of earth and your thumb represents the element of fire.

When you connect the tips of index and thumb finger it will let free all the limitations of the earth element.

When you apply the pressure to your middle finger the air and earth element will activate and it helps to activate your fifth chakra in your body.

This mudra really works best for the throat and it’s believe you can use Udana Mudra for the thyroid.

It’s also good for throat related health issues such as cough and sore thoughts.

We will discuss more the Udrana Mudra benefits in here.

Lets get started.

Steps to perform Udana Mudra

Following are step by step guide to perform Udana Mudra on your hands.  

First sit or perform knee positions in clam place. (better in the pose of meditation).

By using both hands and then connect the tip of your index fingers and thumbs.

Places the tip of the middle finger on the index finger nail

Apply gentle pressure on middle finger

Now try to keep your little finger remain curled (in relaxed position).

Timing and Tips:

It is much better to perform this mudra for at least 5 minutes per day.

If you like to do it for longer, you can do it maximum up to 45 minutes stretches per day.

Longer stretches can reduce to twice or thrice a day in smaller stretches.

Better for once in the morning and evening.

Benefits of Udana Mudra

  • It help to strengthen your limbs
  • Your voice become much clear
  • You can express your thought freely.
  • Help to perform better kidney functions and eliminate all kidney related problems
  • Assist to provide better performance on thyroid glands
  • Assist to provide better performance on parathyroid glands
  • Udana mudra help to enhance your respiratory system
  • It energize and balance your throat chakra


By reading this article, you have some idea about this Udana mudra and how to do it, and the benefits of performing. There are lots of mudras which have lots of benefits, and some of them are as follows.

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