The Prana Mudra has symbolized the hand gestures of the seal, and this mudra is used to activate the energy in your subtle body. Prana is a kind of a universal life force energy that connects and flows through every living being. Prana mudra stimulates the root chakra, and its also awaken this chakra in your body.

Parna mudra assist to blance the water and earth element in your body.

If you have a certain energy block in your body, this is one of the excellent mudras to remove that blockage.

Steps to perform Prana Mudra

Sit with meditative position or Tadasana yoga pose before do this hand mudra method.

Close your eyes and focus on breath

Bring your hand  and touch the tips of your ring finger and little finger to your thumb

Leave the other three fingers to point straight.

As I mentioned earlier, the other two fingers might get curve or comprehensive. Simultaneously, you perform this mudra, and it’s total ok at the beginner stage.

Don’t stress out to stringent your other tow finger at the beginner stage.

You can gradually straighten your fingers where the process is going on.

Make sure you maintain very very light pressure when you perform this mudra.

This mudra can serve two to three minutes for two to three times per day, Or you can do it one occasion, 15 minutes per day.

Benefits of Prana Mudra

The following are some of the benefits which you can gain through performing Prana mudra.

  • This mudra helps improve immunity
  • It reduces the deficiency
  • It helps to reduce anxiety.
  • Enhance the focus in your mind
  • Elicits vitality within your prana
  • Help to deal with vitamin deficiency of your body
  • Reduce the nervousness in the body

One of the tings needs you to need to remember that don’t perform this mudra when you feel a cough or cold kind of symptoms in your body.

Timing of Doing This Mudra

This mudra can patrice at any time for any length of the period as you wish.

This mudra generally increase the vitality of your body .

Its believe that this is one of the excellent mudras to improve the vision.

If you suffer from any kind of eye disease you can perform this mudra to avoid such eye-related problems.

Prana Mudra Affirmations

If you partice this mudra you can say affimation such as.

” I have a healthy appetite for the small and large adventures of life. I digest the challenges with great pleasure and joy.”


In both hands place the tip of the thumb, ring finger, and little finger together. The other fingers remain extended. Patrice this mudra 15 minutes a day will provide great results.

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